Tip To Boost Your Language Memory

Flash card lovers and freaky list makers, this post is for you!

Back when I was studying translation, one of my favourite ways to learn new vocab was to create word lists. And when I came across Mnemosyne, I quickly became addicted.

Mnemosyne is a flash card programme which enables you to create vocab lists and assists you in the memorising process. It comes as an empty database which you feed at your own pace while testing you on what you have encoded.

So basically the software allows you to test yourself based on what you have entered, and then rate your level of knowledge of the words or expressions you have encoded.

The rating goes from 0 to 5 (0 if you don’t remember the meaning of the word  and 5 if  you have fully assimiliated it), and the repetition frequence varies according to the rating. So the lower the rating, the more the flash card will reappear.

Flash cards can appear from front-to-back, back-to-front or both, which means that you can study words from English into French and French into English without having to encode the exact same information several times

What I really like about this software is that it also shows you statistics such as the number of cards added, the schedule and the retention score, which makes it easier to hit your personal target.

Another great thing is that it is currently being translated into more than 25 languages by volunteers from all over the world (including me) to make it more accessible.

Here is a list of pros and cons:

  • it’s free and takes 2 minutes to download
  • it’s interactive and it works just like a game
  • do it just 5 minutes every night and you will see your vocab knowledge improve significantly
  • it works on Windows, Mac and Linux


  • Currently the programme is in English only, but should be available in other languages soon.
  • I wish the website provided more info about the author of the software (Peter Bienstman), how he came up with this great idea and how he developped it.

Bye for now,

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