Fancy Reading Books That Are Tailored To Your Own Language Style?

Let’s say you finally have a bit more time for yourself and decide to get back to reading. Now the question is, what shall I read? The n°1 summer bestseller or a good old classic?

I love taking quizzes and recently came across an interesting one. The way answers are displayed is not that great as you will quickly notice that you always answer the same A, B, C or D, but the I found the concept quite appealing.

Although the main goal of the quizz is to tell you what kind of writer you are and to which prominent writer your style corresponds the most, it also makes you discover or “re-discover” new authors – thus giving you ideas of books to read (books you would probably never have thought of or even known without taking the quizz).

The quizz revealed my language style was very similar to that of Toni Morrison. And to be quite honest, I had no idea who this fantastic lady was until I took the quizz. I did a bit of research about her and realised that the books she wrote are exactly the kind of books I want to read at the moment: contemporary but informative; serious but not too hard to read.

Here is the link to the quizz: What Kind Of Writer Are You?

So are you a Toni Morrison, a William Faulker, an Edgar Allan Poe or a Vladimir Nabokov?
Take the quizz now and let me know!

Bye for now,



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