Waw, I Didn’t Know It Was That Bad!

IMG_0727 [Marelle]Today was my first day of Arabic class in Morocco after almost two years without practicing. Ok guys, staying that long without speaking and barely listening to the news every now and then was a bad idea. Where have these years been? And as I said in one of my previous posts, there is NO excuse for not practicing a language, so I won’t make one up!

This morning I arrived at the study centre and took my placement test. I was really nervous before taking it, so scared they would tell me my level was only intermediate. Now, intermediate is not too bad and means the student is already fluent, but after graduating with a master in Arabic translation, that level would have simply been unacceptable. Thank god I only god a few grammar mistakes and reached more or less the same grade as two years ago.

However, when taking the test and later on during the class, I noticed that though I still find it pretty easy to read news articles or written texts in general, I had quite a lot of trouble finding my words when speaking to the teacher. Worse: very elaborate words would usually come naturally but simple words such as “client”, “role”, “to think”, didn’t come out of my mouth till I ask my teacher. I felt a bit embarrassed but on the flip side the teacher only had to tell me these words once in order me to memorise them. I imagine these basic words are thus back in my memory for probably the next 2 years, after which I will most certainly forget them again if I make the same mistake of thinking that once a language is acquired, it is acquired for good.

It’s weird, right? Who would have thought that after studying Arabic for over five years at least 10 hours per week and spending over six months in the Middle-East, I could forget that easily? No no no, I won’t let that happen, not after all the efforts I put in learning this language, and Arabic learners know what I’m talking about :-)

Bye for now


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