In What Language Do You Dream?

IMG_0046 (Copier)Today I was talking to some friends and as usual we ended up talking about languages. My friend, who is American, asked me and an Austrian girl why we kept counting in our mother tongue though we have been living in London for a while and our English is quite good. We didn’t really know what to respond, though we said that it was probably because counting is one of the first things you learn as a child.

This conversation made me think about dreams and the language I hear and speak when dreaming. And I suddenly realised that up until recently, I only dreamed in French, no matter who I spoke to. Even if the person I spoke to couldn’t speak a word of French, they would always do in my dreams.

For the past few months though, the language I speak has changed depending on the context and who I speak to. If I speak to someone I speak English with in real life, I would speak English with that person in my dream. Likewise, if that person was a French speaker, they would also speak French in my sleep. I even surprised myself speaking Arabic when addressing to my Syrian friends!

I am not entirely sure what it means though. Does it mean we can only dream in a language we can actually speak fluently? Looking for the answer right now.

And you, in what language do you dream? ;-)

Bye for now,


6 thoughts on “In What Language Do You Dream?

  1. I’m french, bilingual spanish and in Germany since 6 months. I don’t know in which language I dream. I normally don’t remember it. What happens with you is really nice and complicated. ;-)

    • Thanks for the comment, Aurore! I hope you can find out in which language you dream and let us know once you can remember. Maybe now that you paid attention to it you will remember! As far as I’m concerned, it seems like speaking about it took away my ability to dream in foreign languages (hopefully it’s temporary). Last night I dreamed I finally spoke to two people I take the train with everyday and we spoke French though I know they probably can’t speak that language. How weird!

  2. I’m English, I have been living in Spain for 15 years and I translate from both Spanish and Portuguese. I used to dream in English even if the people in my dream didn’t speak a word, but gradually my dreams have become as bilingual as my life. There now seems to be no rhyme or reason to what language I dream in!

  3. How funny! I really feel identify with you! I’m Romanian and I use to dream in Spanish (because I live here for many years), although sometimes I dream in Italian or Romanian. I also speak French, but not so fluently,so never dream in French. I wonder why? And YES I ADMIT I ALSO COUNT IN ROMANIAN…Welcome to my club, honey!!

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