A Thai delight

Last month I spent two weeks on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. I went diving (did my Open Water Course yeyyyy), had a few Thai massages and ate amazing food. I didn’t know that eating out would turn out to be so much fun. The menu translations out there are incredible, you can spot errors, letters omissions and misspelling pretty much every time you turn a page. Pannels on the streets are also quite funny to read. And all Westerners keep asking one another “who the heck translated this?”, no one really ever has the answer so people laugh, move on, and the same question arises again 5 minutes later when you see another misspelled or mistranslated English name.

I saw tons of these and feel a bit guilty not having taken many pictures of them to post them online. I know how much people like these, particularly language lovers like me. I managed to find one little pic in my folder which I hope will make you smile. Next time, I promise I’ll compile everything I see.


Happy weekend everyone and if you have similar pics of previous trips, post them and let me know ;-)




3 thoughts on “A Thai delight

      • You’re welcome! I’m currently learning reading and writing in Thai, so I’m always happy if I stumble upon Thai “letters” I can read/translate (:

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