My name is Marie and I am a 24. I’m from Belgium (hope you know where it is) but currently living in London. I have a real passion for languages which started as early as the age of 5 when my dad told me he could speak English (among other languages). I’ve always looked up to him so wanted to do like him and learn languages. Since then, I have studied French (mother tongue), English, Arabic, Spanish, and a bit of German and Dutch. I am now a translator, working on freelance projects as well as for a London-based translation agency. Teaching languages is also something I loooooove, and I probably got that from my mom, who is a wonderful primary school teacher!

I’ve been thinking of having a blog for a little while and finally took the plunge. MH Language Reviews will give you info, tips and reviews about languages and language learning in a friendly and informal way. I hope you will enjoy the read.

If you wish to contact me, drop me a line at mariehelenemahy@gmail.com



4 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Sunset :-)
      Thanks for your comment, to become fluent it took me around 3years studying it intensively, including 6 months in Syria (which really boosted my Arabic). But I still learn everyday! How about you? Where are you originally from and where did you learn Arabic ?

      • I come from Albacete, but I currently live and work in Ávila (both in Spain). I can´t say that I study Arabic but I can´t say either that I don´t haha. So I´ve been flirting with him for a year and I just know the basis. I´d like to attend a school or something but where I live I don´t have that choice. I´m very interested in the language and history of the people who found Albacete so that´s why I chose to learn Arabic. ^^

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